Land That Modeling Job – Ten Great Tips For Aspiring Models

There are lots of factors that come into play when you get called for a casting or audition for a modeling job. A lot of the time, you will just get chosen from your portfolio and certain jobs might require someone of a certain ethnicity, hair color or specific look. Landing a modeling job is therefore partly connected to what the advertisers or producers are looking for, but you can still offer them something unique to make them take not of you. Who knows? They may remember you for their next big ad campaign…

1. The first thing you have to do is make sure your portfolio is full and exciting. When you start out, you will usually have a head shot and a few full length shots, but it is important to keep this updated and it is wise to invest in some private photography sessions, so you can show different sides of yourself. Perhaps you want to show that you can pass as a blond and a brunette successfully, or perhaps you want to add some action shots into your portfolio to appeal to more sports orientated clients. Your portfolio says everything about you and is the first thing your potential clients will see, so make them stand out.

2. The next thing you should do is to prepare yourself for any audition. Never ever arrive late and always come prepared with your portfolio and a change of clothing unless you are told what you have to wear. Go with natural make up and presentable clothes.

3. Be yourself and enjoy! Remember that your clients have to feel something from you and have a connection. Find out more about what the product or shoot is before hand so you can give them what they want. Sparkle in front of the camera and be confident, even though you are going to be nervous 3d artist jobs.

4. Sometimes you will be called back to re-audition. This will be if they have not chosen anyone yet, but have just shortlisted you along with a few other people. Here you really have to stand out and wow them. Be professional and punctual and while you must be confident, don’t overdo it, or they might get the impression that you are forward and annoying. Try to stay calm, cool and collected.

5. Make friends with the casting directors and photographers. If more people know you, the more comfortable you will feel and the more the casting team will like you. This might take a while to build up, but is great for getting more and more jobs later on in your career.

6. Don’t miss an audition and try not to turn down any offers. While you have every right to not attend an audition or casting because you don’t have the time, you cannot make it, or you just don’t want to do that specific one, it is in your best interest to attend as many of them as you can. The more prominent you are in your agent’s mind, the better it will be for you in terms of getting called for more castings.

7. Landing a modeling job is something that is not always guaranteed and even if you do all of the above correctly and you think you were great, someone else might get chosen anyway. You should not be disheartened by this, and do not start thinking that you are not good enough. It has nothing to do with that, but more to do with a certain look and feel the client was going for. Keep attending castings.

8. Practice makes perfect. In every profession, this famous phrase is quoted and it is quite true. The more you go to castings, the less nervous you will be, the more you will get used to the process and what is expected of you, and you will understand just what is needed to secure a job.

9. Update your portfolio with any new work. This will automatically catch the attention of potential clients and they will notice that you are always busy, and popular. Even if you have not done any professional shoots, just update with some recent photos of yourself offering some different aspects of yourself. Some clients might actually come back to your photos and think of you in a different light for their ad campaign or commercial.

10. Don’t give up. This is part you were all waiting for, I’ll bet. As cliched as it sounds, giving up is really not an option in the modeling industry. You have to keep your chin up and in the game at all times; otherwise about 20 new models will have taken the spot you have been working so hard for. Be fresh and exciting to keep people interested.

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