The five-star facilities mean that room rentals are steep but for many


Deep within Pakistan’s recesses, niche sports activities exist, operating in limited, select numbers. Heavy bike enthusiasts travel from coastal Karachi to mountainous Nathiagali on their Harley Davidsons, groups of bicyclists traverse the cities, adventure societies organise mountain-climbing and skiing along the slopes of Fairy Meadows and Malamjabba and equestrian jockeys practice the princely sport of Polo in the extensive grounds of the Punjab. High in the Himalayan mountain range of Baltistan, regional Polo teams annually combat for winning glory in Shandur.Traversing the mountains

Mingling scenic beauty with extravagance, the Serena chain of hotels is located in some of the country’s most beautiful and historic locations: at Shigar it is situated right next to a roaring waterfall is a renovated 400-year-old palace that belonged to the royal family of Shigar; at Gilgit it nestles amidst the Karakoram mountains, in Hunza it overlooks the great valley; in Swat it is located at the foot of the Hindukush and Serena Khaplu Palace is again a restored royal residence converted into a boutique hotel. There are also, of course, the very popular Pearl Continental Hotels in Bhurban and Muzaffarabad which attract large crowds during vacations.

The five-star facilities mean that room rentals are steep but for many, it is worth the expense. What better way, after all, can there be to enjoy the Pakistani high-life than by enjoying the untarnished beauty of the country’s majestic mountains while living luxuriously?

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